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BLUEFOX-Lifeline Wristcomputer

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When seconds matter!

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When Seconds Matter!

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Here’s How the BLUEFOX-Lifeline wristcomputer Protects You

The BLUEFOX-Lifeline wristcomputer is programmed by you to blast a 100-decibel alert
if a person remains below a prescribed depth too long.

Should a person stay underwater too long, the BLUEFOX-Lifeline's powerful, built-in LED white light flashes for three seconds warning the swimmer of imminent danger.

If the swimmer remains below the prescribed depth longer than the programmed time, the BLUEFOX-Lifeline launches a bright orange, non-toxic, gas-filled balloon that sounds a 100-decibel alarm (equivalent to a police siren) when it surfaces.

Traveling to the surface at three-feet per second, the gas-filled balloon and the continuously flashing LED white light serve as beacons to guide rescuers.

**The BLUEFOX-Lifeline wristcomputer can make the difference by giving you an early warning when a swimmer is in danger.



Introductory Offer! - Save $150

The BLUEFOX-Lifeline will not take the place of effective supervision and safety measures recommended or mandated by local regulations.

** The BLUEFOX-Lifeline is sold as Blue Fox Emergency Wristcomputer outside of North America.

When Seconds Matter!

When Seconds Matter!

The BLUEFOX-Lifeline is known as Blue Fox outside of North America

BLUFOX-Lifeline Wristcomputer

When Seconds Matter!

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Busch Ltd. donates 5% of all net profits to charities like the Kels Group aka The Drowning Warriors, National Drowning Prevention Association.

The BLUEFOX-Lifeline wristcomputer is also known as Blue Fox. Your order may come in a BlueFox branded box - do not worry. You are receiving the same life saving product!

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When Seconds Matter!

About Us

It's More than a Product, It's Our Passion!

Two of the most experienced and respected individuals in the fields of aquatics and underwater engineering, David Busch & Heinz Ruchti, have combined their efforts to bring the BLUEFOX-Lifeline to North America.

David Busch, founder of Busch Ltd, has been in the family entertainment business since 1972 and has built and operated 22 waterparks.

Heinz Ruchti is a pioneer in the field of underwater technology in the diving industry and developed and patented the new technology that makes possible the BLUEFOX-Lifeline wristcomputer.

profile- sample4

David BuschOwner & Founder

"Having been responsible for the safety of over 55 million guests at our waterparks, I have been searching for a drowning prevention tool like the BLUEFOX-Lifeline for nearly 40 years. Finally, technology and water safety have come together to save lives from drowning and near-drowning incidents..."

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Mark WagnerCFO

"I’ve been in the hospitality world throughout my career, which means always putting others interests above my own. With the BLUEFOX-Lifeline I am part of a team that is serving others while meeting a vital need, the reduction of child drownings..."

More Info

Lynda DraperMarketing Director

"I have always been passionate about water safety since my lifeguarding days as a teen at the community pool. I was on track to be an Olympic competitor, but life happens, and I went for a more traditional career in advertising and marketing..."

More Info

Dusty ByersOperations Director

"As a combat soldier in Afghanistan, I learned to value life even more dearly than I had previously. With the BLUEFOX-Lifeline, our mission of helping save others from the devastation of child drownings or near-drownings fits perfectly with my values and purpose."

More Info

Heinz Ruchti

Inventor of the

Nationality: Swiss
Education: Precision Engineer
Married for 35 years


- Working as professional scuba diving engineer.
- Co-developer of the world’s first serial produced diving computer.
- Co-owner, president and CEO of a world brand Swiss diving instruments manufacturing company:
- Produced 100’000’s of scuba diving instruments for professional, military and sport divers all over the world.
- Inventor of Anchor Alert, a ship anchor monitoring system.
- Licensed Helicopter Pilot.
- Independent Representative in Switzerland, Austria and Croatia of BELL HELICOPTER TEXTRON USA for 20 years.
- Inventor of BlueFox Anti-drowning Systems.
- Owner and president of Deep Blue AG, Switzerland, manufacturer of Anti-drowning Systems

Patent Holder:

- Automobile: Tire Pressure Measuring System
- Helicopter: Warning system for commercial pilots
- Ship and Yachting: Anchor Monitoring System
- Pool Safety: Anti-Drowning Systems
- Swimmer Safety: Personal Drowning Alarm

When Seconds Matter!

Family Entertainment Venues Owned/Managed
by Principals of Busch Ltd.
Venue Location Date
Worlds of Fun Kansas City, MO 1972-77; 1981-86
Kansas City Kings Professional Basketball Kansas City, MO 1977-81
Oceans of Fun Kansas City, MO 1982-86
Waterworld USA Sacramento, CA 1986-95
Waterworld USA Phoenix, AZ 1988-91
Big Surf Tempe, AZ 1989-91
Paradise Island Sacramento, CA 1993-95
Waterworld USA Concord, CA 1994-95
Hawaiian Waters Oahu, HI 1998-2001
Hawaiian Falls Garland, TX 2003-2015
Hawaiian Falls The Colony, TX 2004-2015
Bahama Beach Dallas, TX 2005-2008
Aloha Adventure Park Lewisville, TX 2006-2008
Hawaiian Falls Mansfield, TX 2009-2015
Hawaiian Falls Roanoke, TX 2011-2015
Hawaiian Falls Waco, TX 2012-2015
Hawaiian Falls Pflugerville, TX 2014-2015
Hawaiian High Adventures Pflugerville, TX 2014-2015
Aloha Event Center Pflugerville, TX 2014-2015
Hawaiian Falls White Settlement, TX 2014-2015
Hawaiian High Adventures White Settlement, TX 2014-2015
Aloha Event Center White Settlement, TX 2014-2015
Quarry Park Adventures Rocklin, CA 2016-2018

The BLUEFOX-Lifeline wristcomputer

Swiss Made Technology for Safety

Products that bear the “Swiss Made” title must meet some of the most rigorous standards in the world to be granted this government authorized designation.

Each BLUEFOX-Lifeline wristcomputer, precision-made at the company’s private laboratories in Hallwil, Switzerland, must meet even higher standards to earn the Deep-Blue certification.

Since 2008 over 10,000 emergency water safety bracelets have been used by over 300 facilities throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. The BLUEFOX-Lifeline comes with a two-year replacement guarantee.

Here’s the process each BLUEFOX-Lifeline wristcomputer undergoes before leaving the testing lab:

  • Base Unit
    • Each PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with its microcontroller and pressure sensor, which is the brain of the BLUEFOX-Lifeline, is single tested
    • Each base and pressure sensor are computer-tested to meet several tolerances
    • The programming software, which allows you to set the depth and time the swimmer can be underwater, is transferred to the micro-controller
  • Capsule Unit
    • After filling the liquid gas in the capsule tank, the quantity is measured and monitored for 30 days
    • The ignitor, which initiates the release of the capsule and balloon, is tested
    • The capsule printed circuit board and the ignitor are fused into the aluminum casing and all functions are tested
    • The alarm is then triggered, and the noise level is measured to make certain the sound reaches between 95 and 105 decibels
    • The capsule, which contains both a non-toxic gas and balloon, is snapped into place in the base Unit
  • The complete unit is now ready for final testing. The BLUEFOX-Lifeline is again connected to the computer to confirm all systems meet specifications
  • After extensive tests in a specially made air pressure chamber, the BLUEFOX-Lifeline, the sensor and the programming software are re-tested to guarantee that pressure tolerances are maintained, and the software is stable
  • Upon completion of these steps the BLUEFOX-Lifeline is attached to its rugged wristcomputer, granted the Swiss Made designation and is ready for your use

As you can see, to earn the Swiss Made certification and to meet Blue-Fox standards, each precision-made BLUEFOX-Lifeline is tested time-and-again over an approximate 45-day period.

When seconds matter,
the BLUEFOX-Lifeline wristcomputer
can make all the difference.

When Seconds Matter!